Born as an open, hig hly sensitive, powerful child, I have struggled enormously with life for years. This resulted in me looking for answers on emotional and spiritual areas from a youg age.
Self development and awareness  are desires thatI still follow.

The harp is connected to me for the past 30 years. As a child and a teenager I received a classic harp education. Someweher along my path to adulthood I had to let the harp go, it was necessary to develop myself on other levels. But the desire to the harp never left. About ten years ago I decided to play the Celtic harp and only play music that resonated to my heart. Also I started singing. Since then I’ve played on many places, with fellow musicians from across the globe. Especially during ceremonies with ayahuasca I developed myself as a musician and a healer. And now I’m able to pass this through!

Haptotherapy has been of great value for me during my adolescense. The way this therapy was given, so respectful and loving, has made a deep imprint in me. In 2009 I graduated as a haptotherapist myself, which felt as if a circle was complete. After that I was trained to become a haptotherapy teacher. Since then I have worked as a haptotherapist with much joy.

Now I combine my qualities as a haptotherapist and musician into a new method: Heart Healing. I work with the professional structure of haptotherapy and add musical elements to deepen and strengthen the session.

My most important personal sources for growth are, besides my family and all my life experiences; haptotherapy, emotional bodywork, 5 rythm dance, workshops at the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) and ceremonies with the plant medicine ayahuasca.

Uriël is the name I gave my harp. It’s an archangel who’s name means ‘God is light’.  Uriël protects, cares, gives intuitive knowledge and unfolds inner wisdom. Hij brings harmony between body, mind and soul.

“…Daniëlle has got so much depth en transparency, but also a lot of humor. I liked that combination a lot…”