The harp is an instrument that finds its way straight into the heart. It will bring immediate peace for body and mind. The divine frequency of harp music will guide you towards more surrender, light and love.

I play intuitive music, make my own songs, sing mantra’s and sacred songs that are meaningful to me.

Harp Healing
You are very welcome to receive a harphealing where I will tune in on you with the harp and my voice. You are also very welcome to sing with me , if you want, to let your soul be heard through your voice. The vibrations it will bring out can be so healing!
You don’t have to be a good singer, but you will experience, how beautiful you sound when you learn to sing from the heart.

A Harphealing can be wonderful when:

·    You want to connect to yourself, your feelings, your higher consciousness.
·    You want to experience relacation, peace, trust, surrender.
·    You are in an important transformationproces and you would like to give it attention without having to talk too much.
·    You are pregnant and you would love to make contact with your baby through music and singing (your partner is welcome to join!)
·    You are ill and are in need of physical, emotioal or spiritual support.

Heart Healing
In an individual Heart Healing session I combine my music with haptotherapie. Read more about Heart Healing here.

Musical accompaniment
I also offer my music where more people come gather. For example:

·    Ceremony
·    Meditation
·    Mantraconcert
·    Yoga
·    Wedding
·    Funeral
·    Musical accompaniment in hospital/hospice

Musical accomapiment with the harp when you are recording a cd is also an option.

“Danielle has a wonderfully warm, open, accessible, grounded presence. Her voice and musical ability with the harp are incredible–she combines technical skill and professionalism with her healing gifts and ability to open up the deep emotional centers, creating pure magic! Danielle’s gorgeous music has touched and inspired me in a profound, unforgettable way. Highly, highly recommended.”

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