About my music:

Michael F.
“Danielle, your music sessions are incredible healing. You coached me to integrate some of my dark sides. Your harp music provides a safe space allowing me to face it. I love your bright white energy. Keep on your great work; it is worth it.Thank you.”

“The way how Danielle is listening and canalizing music through her harp and her voice, it deeply touched my soul. I felt safe, guided with love and care through some very deep process of healing regarding my connection with my mother. I experience her very present and playful in our contact.”

“Dear Danielle, your harp music is so deeply touching and healing because you can follow the reverie of your heart and in this way bring the great moments of awe that truly can heal anything. My eternal gratitude to you.”

Michael R.
Daniëlle’s approach to using her music is unique. When she is at her harp and singing she becomes a channel of light, which, if you surrender to it, will touch you deep within, heal you and change your perspective on life. And it is quite impossible not to surrender to her kind beautiful presence and filling amazing music. Highly recommended

“Danielle has a wonderfully warm, open, accessible, grounded presence. Her voice and musical ability with the harp are incredible–she combines technical skill and professionalism with her healing gifts and ability to open up the deep emotional centers, creating pure magic! Danielle’s gorgeous music has touched and inspired me in a profound, unforgettable way. Highly, highly recommended.”

As a human being Danielle brings honesty and integrity. As a healer she brings compassion and deep insights into the shadow side of humanity. As a musician Danielle brings beauty as her music guided me from the shadow towards the light. Danielle’s sharing of these qualities has played a pivitol role in my recovery from trauma. For that I am eternally grateful

About Haptotherapy:

Heart healing helped me so much to feel that I am allowed to be! My body clearly signalled me how I, the habitant of my body, am configured. I was taught to be brave enough to be more open to others, by understanding better why I did the things I did. Daniëlle has got so much depth en transparency, but also a lot of humor. I liked that combination a lot. She gave me the confidence that I already have everything it takes. And it turned out she’s right! ”

About the Inner Sound Circles: