Inner Sound Circles

Once a month I organize an Inner Sound Circle. On a night like this we create a safe space where you can find you own sound, and learn to express it. We sing together to connect with our source, clearing out the things that are in between. This way of singing, accompanied by the harp, nurtures and deepens your way inside, to surrender, into the heart, where everything comes together.
You do not need to have a beautiful singing voice. However, you will experience how beautiful you sound when you learn to sing from the heart!
We sing freely, we sing mantra’s and heart songs.

Everyone is welcome to join, man or woman, with or without singing experience, with whatever you are carrying in your current life.

‘Step out of the cirlce of time
And into the circle of love’



“…Hearing you sing to me started a light inside the dark forest in which I have been wonderig for a lifetime. The suffering that brought about was seen by you and brought to light. As a (light)being of Mother Earth I am incredbly thankful we made a connection this evening with healing and nourishing energy.
Not just for us, but for all there is. Bigger than words can describe...”

Are you interested or do you want to register? Go to contact.

You can also contact me if you want to invite me to offer an Inner Sound Circle in your area.